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In connection to the COVID-19 outbreak that is affecting our country and dominating our media at the moment, we are aware that with speculation could come some misinformation and uncertainty, especially with different media outlets providing different advice and outcomes.  We feel that it is important for us, as a responsible local company that we communicate with you at this time.  We have listened and considered government guidelines and even though it is incredibly difficult to plan too far ahead we wanted to reassure you that we do have a plan for any outcome.

As you will appreciate our first priority is the health and safety of our teams and clients. As the business owner I am working with my senior team to ensure that we are keeping abreast of the developing situation and are following official government advice daily.  I want to personally assure you that we are adhering to all advice given and we remain very much open as usual and we do not plan to change this at this time.


For your reference we have listed below the link in case you wanted to have a look at the official guidelines that the government are providing;

If you are concerned about COVID-19, the most up to date advice can be sought from the NHS here:

We ask that you please remain vigilant of the symptoms of this virus, such as a cough, fever and shortness of breath and if in any doubt revert to the NHS website or in the case of escalating symptoms contact the NHS 111 phone line.  In addition, should your household, family, friends or associates that you have been in contact with display any symptoms of COVID-19 we would be grateful if you could advise us at the earliest opportunity, as this would enable us to cancel any potential appointments that we have at your home whilst you are self-isolating.


For our owners

Just as with yourself, we take the responsibility of showing people your home seriously too.  As such we will be asking you where the best place would be for our teams and viewers to wash their hands upon entry into your home.  We will also be asking potential viewers the same questions and should they have come in contact with the virus, we will not be conducting the appointment so as to not put yourselves, or our teams at risk of exposure.

Maitlands will continue to support you, our clients moving forward.  To do this, we want to reassure you that we have the technology in place to provide the resilience needed to market your property.  We also have an array of platforms for you to still be able to communicate with us, carry out all viewings, progress all sales, conduct all day to day services and above all carry out ALL aspects of our job to the best of our ability, given the current circumstances.

As you would expect, we are prepared should this escalate and have contingency plans in place, which include things such as:

To continue to staff and operate our local offices, however if this changes for any reason we have contingency plans to operate on a more remote basis.

To utilise our robust cloud-based operational infrastructure, which is perfectly placed to keep the business fully functioning during any enforced period of home working, ensuring we continue to carry out our jobs.

Using our toolkit of effective communication channels to ensure sustained engagement with clients.  These include conference call facilities, email and social media platforms, to name but a few.


For our buyers

We are still continuing to carry out our daily jobs to include viewings and communicating with clients, but we have introduced a non-contact policy so our teams will not shake hands by way of greeting at any of their appointments.


We kindly request that all viewers wash their hands upon entering any properties with soap and water.  Where this is not available, please use anti-bacterial hand gel and ensure that you bring this along with you.


You are advised not to touch any of our owner’s belongings or work surfaces and all doors will be opened by one of our representatives.


If you have experienced any of the recognised symptoms or if you have been in contact with anyone who has shown signs of a new cough and raised temperature, then please let us know as we will be unable to accommodate the viewing.


We will be obtaining walk through videos for all of our properties, should you wish to see any of our available homes and are unable to view them.  Our Property Co-Ordinators are available via phone, email or LiveChat to answer any questions that you may have and assist with any of your enquiries.


Nobody knows what will happen over the coming weeks and months, but you can be reassured that we will be looking out for you as our clients, following the guidance issued, maintaining communication and working together to ensure that collectively, our resilience will enable us all to carry on as best we can under the circumstances and without compromising our services to you.

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