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With all the news regarding Brexit at the moment it’s hard to understand what’s going on; continual talk of government failings, discussions of potential new referendums or no deals, it’s so difficult to keep up to date.  What is certain is 2019 will see the discussions and debates continue and I am sure more political infighting!

Here at Maitlands we have always been committed to giving sound advice regarding the local property market, and throughout these uncertain times we think it’s even more important to understand what effects, if any, the turbulent times we find ourselves in, could affect the value of your home.

That’s why in January 2019 we are putting our efforts into giving our advice for free to help you through Brexit!

The big questions we are presently being asked are;

Will this affect the value of my home?

Are interest rates likely to rise and if so, how do I plan to keep my monthly costs manageable?

Is this a good time to buy?

Is this a good time to sell?

So throughout the month of January we have launched a free Property Health Check for you, it doesn’t matter whether you are actually looking to sell, or how long you have lived in your property, contact us to arrange for one of our friendly qualified property experts to carry out a Property Health Check, giving you a Free full property value assessment, a full breakdown of market conditions in your area, and we will point you in the right direction to manage potential interest rate rises, keeping you in control of your monthly budget.

Contact us now to book your Free Property Health Check, we look forward to hearing from you.

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